You’ve probably heard a lot about the features and additional benefits that can offer your organization. But how to approach it and what to look out for? Karno Energy has developed a pragmatic implementation methodology to help your company get started.


You know better than anyone what your organization does and how you do it. We don’t have to help you with that. We will work with you to find out what benefits Karno Energy BIM has for you. We look at what people, resources, and goals you have for BIM. We work from a practical and pragmatic approach . Our BIM consultants have a lot of experience in the construction sector and in working with BIM. They know what is possible, but also what is (yet) impossible. We consult honestly and independently. Your interests are our top priority and we respect your wishes and needs.


Karno Energy – Construction Appraisal


With an inventory, our Karno Energy BIM consultant first performs a basic measurement. Then we review with you the people, resources and goals . Based on this, an approach plan is created. The approach plan is a guide for both parties, directing and supporting the implementation of BIM. The ultimate goal is to make sure that your organization can operate independently according to the BIM way of working. After that comes the point of readiness/refusal to actually implement BIM in your organization.


Karno Energy – Execution.


Once the final approach plan is established, we begin with the actual implementation. This phase consists of two parts; drafting (company) standards and training your staff.


Company standards are developed in direct consultation with your organization’s leaders. In this way, we ensure that the standards developed are supported by the organization.


With BIM Karno Energy, we arrange on-site training and courses for you. The training courses can be customized for your organization. We offer organizations the opportunity (if possible) to train employees directly on the standards and templates being implemented. This ensures acceptance and earlier implementation of BIM.


In addition, Karno Energy pays special attention to the social level. Then you can think about soft skills training as well as motivation and checking whether employees are comfortable with the change. So Karno Energy is a thinking board for your organization about who the leaders should be, and also to help you connect certain BIM roles with employees. Do they offer the competencies and ambitions to take on a specific BIM role, yes or no Questions that address the human aspect, the most important factor in implementing BIM.


Do you have a permanent contact person from Karno Energy for your organization. This ensures that your short-term goals are met, and you can always reach out to your regular contact person. We do this by keeping you informed of progress and continually managing your expectations as best we can. Once short-term goals have been achieved, medium- and long-term goals are refined as necessary. In this way, we ensure that you are kept up to date, your expectations are met, and your ambitions are realized.


During the implementation of BIM, you can support Karno Energy employees with a specific function on site. For example, you may have future BIM model developers or future BIM coordinates as duos with Karno Energy employees. In this way, your employees will see what actions are being performed and what the thinking is once they are working according to the BIM way of working. In addition, you don’t have to authorize certain BIM projects (e.g. due to time constraints), on-site support in conjunction with your employees offers that option. In addition, we also offer you the opportunity to let us work on your project, take care of your mech and take ownership of it in your BIM projects.


With practical examples and real BIM projects, BIM implementation will become more alive in your organization. So we’re open to questions and come up with creative ideas that fit your organization.


The implementation of BIM by Karno Energy seems exciting because of the many new terms, different software packages and a different way of working. We are confident that our enthusiasm and enthusiasm will convince your employees. They “make” the implementation of BIM a success by getting started with it. After all, it is: “just do it!” with a realistic view of the possibilities, the future and really immersing your employees in the world of BIM.


We’re certainly open to presenting our Karno Energy BIM implementation processes to other parties. So you can get a feel for how the BIM implementation has been experienced and continued. If you need it, we’re happy to help you get in touch with a number of reference persons. We always discuss this with the party for whom we provided the BIM implementation.


Karno Energy – Follow-up care and support


After the implementation phase, we will keep you up to date and help with questions. In addition, we train any new employees according to the Karno Energy BIM training we have prepared for you so you can get billed faster.


We have already helped many parties, such as builders, installers and suppliers, in implementing BIM in their organizations. Do you also want to get started with BIM quickly, create support for it in your organization, and don’t want your staff diminished in the BIM process? Contact us, because we’d love to help you.